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Catalog your DivX, DVD, VCD and VHS movies!

(Main Program)

Some features:
- IMdB support: get all the movie info / actor filmography with one click!
- MicroDVD INI file generator
- Covers gallery (using file name standard)
- Movies gallery
- Actors gallery
- Internal image viewer
- Simple and intuitive!
- Really small: only 220KB !

(DivX Data)
Latest version: 1.26 (build 67) - DOWNLOAD NOW!

System requirements: the screen resolution must be set at least to 1024x768

(Movie Gallery)

(Actor Gallery)

(Cover Gallery)

IMPORTANT: this program requires Visual Basic 6 Runtime DLL

You can download them here
If you get a 'module not found' or 'comdlg32.ocx' or 'mscomctl.ocx' error, download also these DLL:

COMDLG32.OCX MSCOMCTL.OCX (unzip in the Movie DB directory)


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Revision History
v1.26 (build 67) September 18, 2002
- updated the Internet module: fixed the compatibility with IMdB (length and rating are
now processed correctly)

v1.25 (build 65) September 17, 2002
- added the Genre field in the HTML Export

v1.24 (build 64) September 16, 2002
- modified the shareware module

v1.24 (build 61) September 15, 2002
- fixed a bug in the Filmography module, now the program will NOT crash if you confirm
to save data (this happened only if the name of the actor had been modified)

v1.23 (build 59) September 13, 2002
- changed the mouse icon, now is much pretty :)

v1.22 (build 58) September 12, 2002
- the auto internet search will start also if you will press enter in the Original Movie Title field
- add the Genre field in the plain text export

v1.20 (build 49) August 22, 2002
- NEW! Export Data: I've received a lot of e-mail asking for this! Now it's here! :)
Supported format: plain text, HTML, XML
- NEW! Multi db support
- NEW! Auto internet search: insert the Movie Title and simply press enter..
- improved the local movie search, insert the string and press enter...
- improved the Filmography: now it's also possible to search the filmography of the movie

v1.17 (build 41) July 22, 2002
- the data can now be downloaded from Internet also if the Original Title is not
inserted... (useful for English users... :) )
- fixed the Filmography Module: the duplicated entry are now removed automatically
- fixed the Covers Gallery... now work also if an image is not present.. ooops! :)

v1.16 (build 39) July 13, 2002
- improved the refresh of the movie list

v1.15 (build 36) May 25, 2002
- NEW! Added the Movie Image Gallery! Now you can also browse and see your movie images!
- improved the Filmography: now you can also insert actors that are not present in your
movies (useful for the Image Gallery!)

v1.13 (build 32) May 25, 2002
- improved the Cover Gallery: Movie DB will search the cover using the Movie Title or
the Original Movie Title (useful for non English users)
- fixed the Internet Module: the year now will be removed in the Original Movie Title

v1.12 (build 30) May 24, 2002
- added the actors images gallery

v1.11 (build 26) May 24, 2002
- added a filter to the data get from the Internet: '&' now will be converted to &
- fixed the tab sequence in DivX form

v1.11 (build 25) May 23, 2002
- corrected a serious bug in Filmography (oooops....)

v1.10 (build 19) May 23, 2002
- NEW! Added the MicroDVD INI generator! With only one click now you can generate the ini
file for this powerful player!
- improved the internal image viewer

v1.00 (build 15) May 22, 2002
- NEW! Added the "lend to" search
- optimized list refresh

v1.00 (build 14) May 22, 2002
- NEW! Inserted two fields: 'lend to' and 'date'

(C) 2002 My PersonalSoftware - All Rights Reserved