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September 29, 2002: Released Movie DB v1.27, PopUp Destroyer v1.16, Privacy Cop 1.12
September 21, 2002: Released PopUp Destroyer v1.15: added the "minimize to SysTray" option
September 18, 2002: Released Movie DB v1.26: updated the Internet module: fixed the compatibility with IMdB (length and rating are now processed correctly)
Released PopUp Destroyer v1.13: added the autostart
September 17, 2002: A new powerful software: Privacy Cop v1.10! Remove the traces of your Internet activity!
Released Movie DB v1.25: added the Genre field in the HTML export
September 15, 2002: Released Movie DB v1.24: corrected a bug in the Filmography module
September 13, 2002: Released Movie DB v1.23 and PopUp Destroyer v1.13
September 11, 2002: Movie DB v1.22 is out!
September 10, 2002: finally we have launched our new website! To celebrate this event we are selling PopUp Destroyer at only $6.50 and Movie DB at only $7 !!

September 9, 2002: PopUp Destroyer v1.12 is out!

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   I really like your Movie DB program.

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   It's exactly what I was looking for!

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   I found your software very useful.

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   Very nice work you have done there.

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   Your program is great.

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   This is a very nice database program.

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